binaural beats delta waves.  brainwave entrainment

🎧 Binaural Beats: Delta Waves (deep sleep)

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Binaural Beats Delta Waves (0.1-4Hz):   

  • Deep sleep
  • Healing

***Headphones required

Listen to sample:

Binaural Beats BrainWave Entrainment

This fascinating technology has rapidly gained popularity in recent years for its ability to naturally put the brain into a specific mental state. This form of audio brainwave entrainment is well known for its capability to unconsciously guide the brain to a distinct frequency, match it, and quickly create the desired mental state.

The positive benefits of binaural beats therapy include stress and anxiety relief, deep relaxation, increased concentration, motivation and confidence,  and better sleep.

Different frequency patterns will generate different results:

  • Delta (0.1-4Hz):
    • Deep sleep, dreamless state, healing
  • Theta (4-8Hz):
    • Deep meditation, dream state, insight, inspiration, intuition, creativity
  • Alpha (8-13Hz):
    • Mental Calmness, physical relaxation, light meditation
  • Beta (13-30Hz):
    • Mental focus, alertness, concentration
  • Gamma (30Hz & up):
    • Peak performance, hyper-concentration, hand-eye coordination, maintenance of arousal

***Results may vary from person to person.  Individuals respond differently to audio therapy.

Audio Ingredients

Type: mp3 audio file

Length: 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes

In the mix:

  • Binaural beats (brainwave entrainment)
  • White noise 
  • Ambient Background: Pure (no fx)